Topic for term paper

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Topic for term paper

The topic for term paperhas a head, neck, body and tail. The head is the name of the text. It should be distinct, catchy and at the same time relevant to the topic of the book. The neck is the so-called lead, two or three dense introductory lines that set the tone and outline the subject of the conversation. The body is the actual text of the review. Tail – conclusions of the reviewer, his resume. Without a tail, the review looks lonely and harsh, do not offend the poor thing!

What should be written in the topic for term paper? Be sure to indicate authorship, the title of the book, for published works – output data. We write whether this is a novelty or a reprint, whether the book is marked by some significant awards. We denote the genre in form (novel, novel, play …) and in content (fiction, alternative history …). We describe the main storyline (but without spoilers!), List the main characters, places of action, key moments of the book. We try to understand and convey to the readers the main thoughts of the work (not necessarily, but not bad). At work, several approaches can be used: external observation, analysis without evaluation, critical analysis, polemic with the author.

A review of 1800 characters or less is only intended to discuss the book. No thoughts, feelings and philosophies will simply fit in there. Short sentences, a minimum of adjectives and adverbial spins, a clear meaning and unambiguous conclusion.

A review of up to a maximum of 5,400 characters is the ideal format for calm and thorough reasoning about a single work. You can talk about the place of the book in the author’s work, draw parallels, add your impressions and conclusions, analyze in detail the merits and demerits of the text – and at the same time not tire the reader.

A review of more than 5,400 signs is simply obliged not to confine itself to the problems of one book (unless it is, of course, the “Lord of the Rings”). We weave the literary process and tendencies of the genre, we compare it with similar works, we analyze the work of the author in general, we actively quote and add our thoughts – we can’t do without them in the big text.