Doctoral dissertation

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Doctoral dissertation

Do not forget that your work should correspond to the profile of the academic council, before which, as a result, it will have to be defended. State thoughts consistently, this is extremely important. To do this, use one of the best methods that have already been tested by several generations of scientists: synthetic or analytical: Synthetic method: decompose the study materials with fragments (preferably large sheets of printed text), on each of the fragments make an inscription with a short title. When all sheets are signed, you will find that there is a definite link between the headers. Put the sheets in separate piles so that fragments with similar headers are combined into groups. As a result, it will become much easier to find the correct, harmonious sequence of presentation in each group, and then throughout the work.

Analytical method: on a very large sheet of paper draw a large circle (with a pencil) in which the dissertation topic should be entered. Draw a few smaller circles around this circle and enter the names of the largest fragments of the text there. Next, mark the many small circles (but so small as to fit the name), which should include the “names” of the smallest parts of the text. Apply all these images should be so that you still have a lot of free space and more space between the circles. Well, then, use the arrows to designate the scheme – what follows from what, what results in, thus putting together all the links of the logical chain. Use no more than one handwritten draft. It is easier, of course, to work with a computer, because you don’t have to write and you can always remove the unnecessary. But also a notebook for records (preferably large) should always be carried with you. Control the amount of writing. Creative thought is infinite, you always need to keep it “in check.” Avoid duplicate text. Reread what is written more often, check the “word search” for small phrases.

Should not be repeated. Do not forget that the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission for the doctoral dissertation are as follows: to have at least 20 articles on the topic of the thesis, which should be published in journals approved by the Higher Attestation Commission. In addition, the work should be resolved controversial issues, if any will be found by reviewers. Tricks in writing work Work on the thesis and doctoral thesis can be divided into three areas. Directly writing research work (R & D). This is the most time-consuming process that requires a lot of time and effort. For its implementation, many order help from specialized companies.

Dissertatus is considered the leader in this area. Publication of articles. Here it is important not only the preparation of the material, but also the cost and profile of the publication. Detailed advice and assistance in publishing can be obtained here. Literary edition of research. This process is recommended to be outsourced to professionals.